Government Poultry Farm, Gujrat

Gujrat has 3 Tehsils. These tehsils are GUJRAT, KHARIAN, SARAI ALAMGIR. The Geographical location of GUJRAT is Latitude: 32.571144, Longitude: 74.075005. In Gujrat, Government poultry farm was established to provide Poultry meat and eggs for export and domestic use in Pakistan.

  • Rural Poultry an important economic activity of 2/3 human population
  • Helping to alleviate poverty, malnutrition & unemployment in rural masses being a small scale economic activity and sub optimal inputs
  • Scavenger birds, fed on the kitchen & rural wastes
  • Biodegrading of the organic wastes and cleaning  the environment
  • Have genes for survival under harsh scavenging conditions of rural areas
  • Contribution 8.00 % in poultry meat & 25 % of eggs
  •  Rural poultry an Organic Food, lot of domestic and export potential


The main objective of the farm is to ensure the below mentioned:

  • Rural Poultry Research & Development for poverty alleviation and Food security


Enlisted below are the prime functions of the farm:

  • To develop indigenous chicken to improve its production characteristics
  • To introduce exotic type of birds for the purpose of cross breeding
  • To produce & distribute better productive birds in rural areas
  • Demonstration of rearing / breeding practices for rural poultry promotion
  • To conduct research trials on different aspects of poultry management in different climatic zones of Punjab
  • To impart training on rural poultry production

Scope of Work

  • Rearing Crosses of Fayoumi, RIR, Black australorp, Naked Neck & Desi poultry

 Infrastructure Assets

Items No./ Area Description Current Status
Land (Farm Wise) 4 acre ---- Intact
Animals(Breed Wise) 6800 8 week Healthy
Machinery/ Equipment/Computers 7 Deep Freezer, Refrigerator, Generator, Grass Cutter Machine, 2 water pumps & Computer Functioanl
Infrastructure 10 Office,5 Poultry Sheds , Feed Store, 3Residences 1 Residence of VO fit