Government Poultry Farm, Rakh Ghulaman

The Geographical location of the LES Rakh Ghulaman are Latitude  32°6'35.06"N Longitude 71°27'41.34"E. The total area of the Livestock Experiment Station is Acres 10273 Direct 5414 Leases 2960 & Un- Cultivable 1899.In LES Rakh Ghulama, Government poultry farm was established for raising domesticated birds such as chickens for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Poultry are farmed in great numbers with chickens being the most numerous. The farm is providing Quality Eggs, Poultry Birds, and Breeding Birds which is also investigating the new techniques for the enhancement of Poultry production for betterment of farmers in Pakistan.

  • Rural Poultry an important economic activity of 2/3 human population
  • Helping to alleviate poverty, malnutrition & unemployment in rural masses being a small scale economic activity and sub optimal inputs
  • Scavenger birds, fed on the kitchen & rural wastes
  • Biodegrading of the organic wastes and cleaning  the environment
  • Have genes for survival under harsh scavenging conditions of rural areas
  • Contribution 8.00 % in poultry meat & 25 % of eggs
  •  Rural poultry an Organic Food, lot of domestic and export potential


The main objective of the farm is to ensure the below mentioned:

  • Rural Poultry Research & Development for poverty alleviation and Food security


Enlisted below are the prime functions of the farm:

  • To develop indigenous chicken to improve its production characteristics
  • To introduce exotic type of birds for the purpose of cross breeding
  • To produce & distribute better productive birds in rural areas
  • Demonstration of rearing / breeding practices for rural poultry promotion
  • To conduct research trials on different aspects of poultry management in different climatic zones of Punjab
  • To impart training on rural poultry production