The functions of Directorate of PRI are listed in the Rules of Business of the Government of Punjab. These include:

Production of poultry products

  • Applied Research in different disciplines  to improve productive  performance
  • Selection & breeding to improve productive potential of native breeds
  • Distribution of better productive birds in rural areas
  • Punjab poultry production Statistics

Poultry diseases through effective surveillance

  • Surveillance of poultry diseases and their control
  • Provision of Clinical & Lab. Disease Diagnostic facilities to farmers
    • Postmortem  & Bird Treatment through PDDL
    • Lab  samples testing
  •  Provision of analytical facilities to the farmers
  •  Collaboration to check emerging disease out breaks

Extension services

  • Strengthening of stakeholder linkages through meetings, exhibitions, seminars etc.
  •  To attend farmers seeking help/ guidance
  •  Provision of extension services for vaccination, Treatment, deworming, spraying etc.

Human Resource Development

  •  Capacity building of institutional staff
  •  Strengthening institutional collaboration in HRD
  •  Provision of need based training to male and female farmers
  •  Provision of professional trainings to generate skilled manpower for improved employment opportunity

Poultry marketing & supply chain management

  •  Data collection of production, availability & price of poultry & its  products
  •  Value Chain Analysis

 Regulatory control in poultry sector 

  • Enforcement of Punjab Animals Feedstuff & Compound Feeds Act ,2016 to regulate manufacturing, production, storage, transportation & marketing of poultry feedstuff and feeds
  • Enforcement of Punjab Poultry Production Act, 2016 to regulate proximity, management & bio-security.

Disease Diagnosis facilities

  • Diagnostic laboratories in public & private sector
  • Disease surveillance
  • Contingency / Emergency plan measures
  • Research on identification, control & development of vaccine from local isolates
  • Consultative meetings, seminars & conference
  • Control through mass vaccination campaigns
  • Isolation & identification of pathogens
  • Serological diagnosis of viral diseases through HA, HI, AGPT tests for ND, AI
  • ELISA technique for AI, IBD, IB, Mycotoxins etc.
  • Antigen preparation for viral diseases (ND, AI, MG & MS etc from local isolates.
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Phylogenetic analysis. 
  • Strain identification.
  • Molecular epidemiological studies.
  • Spot agglutination test. MG, MS.
  • Isolation & Identification of MG, MS.