Poultry Research Institute was established in 1978 at Rawalpindi. It is the only Research Institute in Punjab actively involved to develop poultry as a viable economic activity in both commercial and rural sectors.

This institute is located in the historical and culturally alive city of Rawalpindi. It has played a leading role in the development of poultry sector in the country. The institute strives to provide a conducive environment for undertaking research on various aspects of poultry production. Technical staff serves all over the Punjab through a network of disease diagnosis/surveillance/control, extension services and training centres. Researchers of the Directorate extend and share updated knowledge with the field staff and poultry farmers. This Institute maintains a close liaison with poultry producers, poultry breeders, hatcheries, feed milling operations, meat processors and poultry allied industry in order to identify problem areas and work for their solutions and remedies.


The main objectives of Directorate of PRI are as follows:

  • Problem oriented research in different disciplines to improve productive performance & marketing of poultry
  • Disease surveillance and diagnostic facilities to control¬† poultry diseases
  • Improved Extension Services in poultry husbandry
  • Human resource development for need based capacity building in alignment with the requirement of poultry sector
  • Productivity enhancement of Rural Poultry
  • Regulatory control in poultry sector for the benefit of all stakeholders


The vision of the department is to ensure economic growth through supply of wholesome poultry meat, eggs and value added products to the domestic and International market at competitive prices. Whereas, the mission of the organization is to support poultry development in a policy environment through public investment and inducing private capital / initiatives in the sector for poverty alleviation, food security and generation of exportable surpluses.