Production & Dissemination

Propagation of Best Rural Poultry Genetics

Rural chickens can be easily managed and taken care by village women and school going children. Rural poultry can be further developed by introducing better productive rural breed. Keeping in view the strengths of L&DD Department in Rural Poultry Development an ADP  project “Provision of Rural Poultry breeds through augmenting R&D had been planned with the following specific objectives during the year 2014-16:

  • To supply better productive rural poultry on subsidized rates in Punjab.
  • To increase the availability of rural poultry meat and eggs for rural human population.

A total of 258760 birds 85-100 days old, having body weight more than 700-800 gm per bird in the ratio of 5 female and 1 male were distributed on subsidized rates (30% Subsidy)  in all districts of Punjab province under the project. Out of which 68760 birds were distributed among the flood affected persons during 2014-15 and 190000 birds were distributed in rural union councils of Punjab province during 2015-16. The birds were distributed in a ratio of 5 female and one male. Thus 215633 females and 43127 males were distributed. Keeping in view average parameters for deriving benefits i.e. egg production 150 eggs/ hen/annum, 1.25Kg dressed poultry meat/bird with mortality loss @10 percent, it revealed that 29.11 million eggs, 291.11 ton poultry meat were added by the birds distributed under the project.

Further to it a Project entitled “Developing Rural Poultry models to support rural economyhas been planned with the following specific objectives during the year 2016-18:

  • To develop Rural Poultry Models through supply of better productive rural poultry on subsidized rates.
  • Capacity building of rural people on better rural poultry management practices
  • To provide vaccine storage facility to ensure rural poultry vaccination.
  • To provide free of cost poultry birds, small poultry houses/cages & poultry feed to School.
  • To develop the skills and interest among the young female students for kitchen poultry.
  • To increase availability of rural poultry eggs and meat for improved human nutrition and a source of income


Distribution of Poultry Units

Distribution of poultry units among beneficiaries under the project: